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Over 30 exhibiting companies have applied to us and are now up for election in three categories. The voting period runs from 23 January to 21 February.

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Category: Digital Converting Solutions

 © Foto: A.Celli
A.Celli Nonwovens
The automatic quality control systems in any converting production line are limited to measuring the characteristics of the material that must be wound and packaged according to the shipment to the customer.

FilmCylinderCleaner © Foto: Baldwin Technology
Baldwin Technology
Baldwin’s automated FilmCylinderCleaner boosts productivity and ensures safety
Our solution is unlike anything on the market today – if you are interested in improving safety and sustainability on your extrusion line, then the FilmCylinderCleaner will meet your needs.

Countroll digital roller management platform © Foto: Countroll
Countroll digital roller management platform
Countroll – Digital Roller Management Platform
Countroll is a cloud platform that allows end-customers to have instant digital access to the industrial roller information provided by their roller recoverer (rubber quality, recovering/regrinding history, location, technical documentation, photos).

TEOC Service Packages © Foto: DIENES
TEOC Service Packages
DIENES Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG
DIENES Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG – TEOC Service Packages
TEOC ("The End of Coincidences") combines DIENES digitalization activities. Within this framework the recently launched TEOC Service Packages include a modular architecture with hardware and software features, which can be combined in accordance to individual customers’ needs.

Dr. Hönle AG © Foto: Dr. Hönle AG
Dr. Hönle AG
Dr. Hönle AG
Dr. Hönle AG – LEDs with high voltage power and IIoT
Traditionally, LEDs for industrial curing applications are powered by low voltage power supplies which consequently results in heavy and large diameter cables and heavy LED housings.

SMART-L is a compact finishing machine all servo driven with a small foot print, short web path, very ergonomic design and an Intelligent software. It records up to 250 works to minimize set up time when repeating a job.

PPMDF + Inkjet © Foto: PrintsPaul
PPMDF + Inkjet
PrintsPaul GmbH & Co. KG
PrintsPaul GmbH & Co. KG – PPMDF + Inkjet – Digital finishing combined with conventional converting
Digital finishing is also becoming increasingly important in the label printing segment. Especially in the production of small series with finishing or in the personalisation of the finishing itself, individualisation is playing an increasingly important role.

Hoaco Rotary Die Cutting Machine © Foto: Shandong HOACO Automation Technology
Hoaco Rotary Die Cutting Machine
Shandong HOACO Automation Technology Co. Ltd.
Shandong HOACO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. – Hoaco Rotary Die Cutting Machine
With a modern multi-stations movable design and customizable die cutting stations, HOACO RDC machines offer extreme flexibility, quick changeover, accurate registration, high precision, performance and repeatability, making it the perfect choice for high volume and tight tolerance applications.

eDiffsystem © Foto: Tecnocut
Tecnocut – E-Diffsystem, the most reliable electronic adjustable anvil
Our adjustable anvil is designed to control the movement of the anvil electronically. It has a micrometric precision (+/- 1µm), to be able to adjust the gap between the anvil and the magnetic cylinder to the maximum (micron by micron).val system performs a sliding rewinding shaft for astonishing stripping speeds in the label and converting industry. It is adaptable to all types of machinery.

W&H RUBY Check@Slitter © Foto: Windmöller & Hölscher
W&H RUBY Check@Slitter
Windmöller & Hölscher
Windmöller & Hölscher – W&H RUBY Check@Slitter – Fully automated workflow from printing press to slitter rewinder
The RUBY Check@Slitter module is part of the Windmöller & Hölscher RUBY family for central storage and processing of digital press and print defect data from flexographic or gravure presses with the VISION DEFECT CHECK inspection system.

Category: Efficient Production Solutions

Applied Laser Engineering © Foto: Applied Laser Engineering
Applied Laser Engineering
Applied Laser Engineering Ltd
Applied Laser Engineering Ltd – Twin Track Laser Technology
The Twin Track Laser Engraving Technology is targeted at the ceramic anilox and coatings/applicator cylinder sectors.

CLS CAM 100 © Foto: BST
BST GmbH – High-performance object sensor CLS CAM 100
The solution enables the precise detection of objects, lines, print marks and print patterns on the material web. As the need for an additional control line is eliminated, the web width and waste are reduced (less raw material, less waste). Scanning for objects directly in the centre of the web eliminates the negative influence of possible web width fluctuations.

Tape Gap Cutting Machine © Foto: CHUANZHEN
Tape Gap Cutting Machine
CHUANZEN Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
CHUANZHEN Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. – Tape Gap Cutting Machine
Such gap cutting machine is good for convert VHB tapes, double side tapes etc. After cutting, between each 2 tapes, there is a gap, avoid tapes stick to each other after cutting. Machine is with kiss slit structure, it is good for make finger lift. It is with cross cut structure, final products can be in roll, also can be in sheets. Really very functional designing.

Crusader © Foto: Delta ModTech
Delta ModTech
Delta ModTech – Beyond Delivery: Delta ModTech innovates production through client partnerships
For over 40 years, Delta ModTech has been the most reliable machine manufacturer for web converters. We have created a reputation of service, technology, and design. This reputation is clear when you hear about what our customers say about their partnership with us.

Inert UV curing on chilled drums © Foto: Dr. Hönle AG
Inert UV curing on chilled drums
Dr. Hönle AG
Dr. Hönle AG – Energy savings through inert UV curing chambers on chilled drums
UV curing in absence of oxygen is called inertisation and can bring significant advantages to the process. Oxygen inhibits the polymerization process and might cause the need for a higher number of UV lamps, resulting in higher energy consumption to compensate this effect.

UV hotmelt adhesive is applied and cured within the space shown in the photo. This example shows 3x NUVA2 lamps on an Elite Cameron HM1000 © Foto: GEW
UV hotmelt adhesive is applied and cured within the space shown in the photo. This example shows 3x NUVA2 lamps on an Elite Cameron HM1000
GEW (EC) Limited
GEW (EC) Limited – GEW NUVA2 UV curing system
The addition of a NUVA2 UV curing system to a hot melt coating line enables coaters to switch to UV-curable hotmelt coatings and diversify by making higher performing, higher added value products for new markets.

ETA Sonotrode © Foto: Herrmann Ultraschall
ETA Sonotrode
Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG – A sustainable and efficient solution for elastic thread anchoring by ultrasound
The Elastic Thread Anchoring (ETA) sonotrode from Herrmann offers an innovative solution for fixing elastic threads, making the process more effective, reliable and sustainable than ever before.

IMESA SRL – KK1 REVO – Laminator Machine with turret rewinder
This line has the capablity to laminate and rewind, allowing to reduce the linear length of the jumbo-roll, and to laminate any PSA or Transfer Adhesive to plastic film or foam in a single step. The machine is complete with automatic turret double-shaft rewinder, slitting unit, automatic cut-off and extractors for scraps.

Flying Splice Roller New Generation © Foto: Lüraflex
Flying Splice Roller New Generation
Lüraflex GmbH
Lüraflex GmbH – Flying Splice Roller New Generation
Composite materials, e.g. packaging (Tetra Pak) medical products (plasters), construction films (insulation material) consist of different materials and are produced in a coating line. These are supplied in roll form and are to be combined into a composite material in a continuous finishing process. The material ends of the individual rolls are glued together to make the web endless. This process is called splicing.

REWOLEX © Foto: Mondon
MONDON Winding and Converting Machines – REWOLEX – Simply efficient
REWOLEX is a revolutionary brand of turret unwinders and winders. REWOLEX offers the capacity to unwind and rewind products thanks to an automatic process by mean of turret technology. Thanks to REWOLEX everything is simplified.

Defect marking from semket © Foto: semket
Defect marking from semket
Semket Etikettiersysteme GmbH
semket Etikettiersysteme GmbH – Defect marking for 100% quality
Anyone who takes a close look at processes and procedures in the converting sector will realise how much added value is lost through omissions. To ensure that 100 percent quality is achieved in the end, semket offers closed process support with its defect marking and evaluation systems.

Desmasystem © Foto: Tecnocut
Tecnocut – Desmasystem: The most versatile waste matrix removal system
Our waste matrix removal system performs a sliding rewinding shaft for astonishing stripping speeds in the label and converting industry. It is adaptable to all types of machinery.

tesa Printer’s Friend © Foto: tesa SE
tesa Printer’s Friend
Tesa SE
tesa SE – tesa Printer’s Friend for more efficient production processes
Smooth runs through the production process are possible with our highly durable roller wrapping tape: our silicone tape tesa Printer's Friend 4863 with an embossed surface. The product design ensures high resistance to wear and offer easy application and removal, even after a prolonged period of time and exposure to high temperatures.

 © Foto: Work Microwave GmbH
Work Microwave GmbH
Work Microwave GmbH – Wastage minimization by continuous process monitoring
Efficiency requires a minimization – of process steps, manufacturing cost, manufacturing time, energy consumption required material and production wastage.

Category: Sustainable Products and Converting Processes

Oxi.X RV © Foto: Dürr
Oxi.X RV
Dürr Systems AG – Clean Technology Systems
Dürr Systems AG – Clean Technology Systems – Electrifying: Flameless exhaust air Purification for the converting industry
During the processing and finishing of web-shaped materials, exhaust gases and vapours are produced which contain organic pollutants that are harmful to the climate. To protect people and the climate, these pollutants must be removed or neutralised.

HM1000 UV Hot Melt Coater © Foto: TS Converting Equipment
HM1000 UV Hot Melt Coater
Elite Cameron / T.S. Converting Equipment
TS Converting Equipment, Ltd./Elite Cameron – HM1000 UV Hot Melt Coater to replace solvent coating
Elite Cameron's HM1000 hot melt coating machines equipped with GEW UV curing systems are offering coating companies a high performance, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based coating methods.

Marveloc-CURTAIN © Foto: Hammer-IMS
Hammer IMS
Hammer-IMS – Marveloc CURTAIN: Your sustainable, early and real-time eye on applied wet coatings
Hammer-IMS has developed a version of its Marveloc-CURTAIN quality-control system specifically for tracking the grammage of wet coatings, directly after the moment they have been applied by the coating knife or coating roller.

Heating roller 2.0 © Foto: INOMETA
Heating roller 2.0
INOMETA GmbH – Heating roller 2.0
The innovative INOMETA heating roller has been designed to meet the needs and requirements for laminating foils and other substrates. It ensures a reliably constant and homogeneous surface temperature distribution, as this is the prerequisite for uniform web tempering.

Rollguard © Foto: Rollguard
Rollguard International LLC
Rollguard International LLC – Rollguard Recycled Fiber Cradles
Rollguard's fiber cradle packaging solution is ideal for a wide variety of applications worldwide. Our durable, earth-friendly materials are lightweight and space efficient, allowing you to maximize square footage while keeping shipping costs low. All of our cradles are made from 100% recycled corrugated fiber pulb and are 100% curbside recyclable.

ECO Composite Sleeves © Foto: Rotometal
ECO Composite Sleeves
Rotometal DBN
Rotometal DBN – ECO Composite Sleeves – your eco-friendly print tooling
Rotometal's ECO CRO Sleeves GF take our existing Composite print cylinder and replace the standard honeycomb volumetric layer material with 100% rPET and the base layer with a high performance green epoxy resin featuring 28% of its molecular structure deriving from plant origin.

tesa 60408 – Bio-based paper packaging tape © Foto: tesa SE
tesa 60408 – Bio-based paper packaging tape
Tesa SE
tesa SE – tesa 60408 Bio-based paper packaging tape
With technical innovations such as the tesa 60408 Bio-based paper packaging tape, tesa supports companies to achieve their sustainability goals. Thanks to the smart choice of raw materials, the total bio-based carbon content of this product was measured to be 92% according to DIN CERTCO, making this product the most sustainable paper packaging tape in tesa's assortment.

Vickers Blades B.V. © Foto: Vickers Blades B.V.
Vickers Blades B.V.
Vickers Blades BV
Vickers Blades – Tungsten Carbide Blades
Tungsten carbide blades are made of the hardest, and wear resistant metal there is. It therefore significantly reduces machine down time. It is also 100% recyclable and can be recharpened after use.

SR-60 moisture head © Foto: Work Microwave GmbH
SR-60 moisture head
Work Microwave GmbH
Work Microwave GmbH – Energy savings and quality improvement via continuous product moisture monitoring
Sustainability implies energy efficiency and high product quality, which play an important role in industrial manufacturing processes in times of the climate change and exploding energy cost.

Xi'an Beschichtungslinie © Foto: Xi'an Aerospace-Huayang
Xi'an Beschichtungslinie
Xi’an Aerospace-Huayang
Xi’an Aerospace-Huayang Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd – Coating solutions for more than 40 industries
Xi’an is a professional manufacturer for multi-function coating machines, which are applicable to more than 40 industries such as coating solutions for optical film, functional Film, electronic material, water treatment, adhesive Tape, etc.

Valmet © Foto: Valmet
Valmet Automation Inc.
Valmet Automation Inc. – Automatic curl control without steam
Valmet IQ Moisturizer together with automatic close loop moisture control enables to control sheet curling fully automatically without steam and CO2 emission.

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