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High barrier flexible packaging solutions designed for recyclability

13.09.2021 BOBST and its partners have announced a key milestone in their work to replace non-recyclable high barrier multi-material packaging structures with mono-material alternatives designed for recycling.

Sustainable luxury packaging: 70% acquisition of Tecnoform will produce thermoformed cellulose

31.08.2021 Italy-based Fedrigoni, a global leader in the production and sale of special papers for packaging, publishing and graphics, and of premium self-adhesive labels and materials, acquires 70% of Tecnoform, in order to produce inner trays for boxes and gift cases for luxury items made entirely of thermoformed, biodegradable and environmentally friendly cellulose instead of plastic.
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After a decade’s worth of growth in 2020 due to Covid-19, e-commerce faces packaging issues

30.07.2021 Consumer packaged goods (CPG) packaging has long played a critical role in the experience and utility of consumer products – but now, packaging and materials companies must meet a broader set of requirements as consumers demand sustainability and adopt new e-commerce business models.
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The Green Dot saves over 620 000 tonnes of CO2

28.07.2021 By recovering and recycling used sales packaging in 2020, the Green Dot has ensured the saving of over 620 000 tonnes of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. That is as much as 62 000 hectares of forest can filter out of the atmosphere every year.
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In search of bio-based plastic: two EU research projects cooperate

09.07.2021 Since 1 July 2021, many single-use plastic products have been banned in the EU. A step that, according to the scientific community, is already making a major positive contribution against plastic waste in the sea. The EU is taking a further step with two research projects that are looking for alternatives to plastic – and should enable clear criteria for biodegradability.

VPF uses world-first sustainable release liners for their labels

28.06.2021 Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi has partnered with German manufacturer VPF, an expert in self-adhesive materials and coatings, to create the world’s first sustainable release liner range made from recycled paper.
EU bioplastics projects

Protecting nature and the environment from plastics pollution

30.04.2021 Two European projects are joining forces: BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE, coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) based in Hamburg/Germany, and SEALIVE, coordinated by the Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística (ITENE) in Valencia/Spain.
Mura Technology and Dow

Global project for innovative plastics recycling is gaining further momentum

28.04.2021 The "Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution" from the start-up Mura Technology promises to convert plastic back into oil in just 25 minutes.
Innovia Films

Transparent, carbon-neutral packaging film

29.03.2021 Innovia Films (Wigton, UK) is launching a new film in its Encore range of sustainable Polypropylene packaging films. REF30cn has a high level of certified renewable content (via ISCC PLUS mass balance) specifically achieving carbon neutral on a cradle to gate basis from the Innovia UK site.

Closing the recycling loop – shrink film made from 100 percent recycled material

22.03.2021 Every day, valuable plastics are lost to the recycling loop. At the same time, the demand for resource-saving packaging solutions is constantly increasing. With the option of also processing film made of 100 percent recycled material on all KHS shrink packers, the KHS Group is now realising another sustainable alternative in the field of secondary packaging.

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