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Launch of RotoMetrics RD300 NW D2 Solid Rotary Die for nonwoven applications

22.07.2021 Maxcess (Oak Brook, Illinois), a leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, has unveiled the RotoMetrics RD300 NW Solid Rotary Die.
Burckhardt of Switzerland

Manufacture of POM rings for cold needle perforation

20.07.2021 Recently, Basel-based Burckhardt of Switzerland AG, a renowned manufacturer of precision parts, tools and machines for perforating and fibrillating, has started to manufacture perforating rings made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) for cold needle perforation.

VPF uses world-first sustainable release liners for their labels

28.06.2021 Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi has partnered with German manufacturer VPF, an expert in self-adhesive materials and coatings, to create the world’s first sustainable release liner range made from recycled paper.
allvac Folien GmbH

The right film when it gets hot

21.06.2021 Whether it's cooking, simmering, pasteurising, sterilising or heating in the microwave: When it gets hot for food packaging, allflex UHT (Ultra High Temperature) can show off its strengths to the full. This is because the new high-temperature composite film from allvac Folien GmbH, based in Waltenhofen, Germany, tolerates temperatures of up to 121°C - for up to one hour.

Launch of Signite for the "No Label Look" Market

16.06.2021 ACTEGA, manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants for the printing and packaging industries, has officially launched Signite – a revolutionary, patented, high-quality decoration solution designed to significantly reduce, and one day eliminate, label production waste.

Bringing automation to print finishing

08.06.2021 More automation, simple operation and fast changeover: KAMA (Dresden, Germany) introduces a whole range of developments for print converting, embellishment and short-run folding carton production.

Early identification and economic assessment of process anomalies

02.06.2021 Siemens has announced its AI Anomaly Assistant Industrial App, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies in the process industry and assess their business relevance.
MeSys GmbH

Battery production with the help of precise basis weight measurement

26.05.2021 MeSys GmbH (Greifenberg, Germany) is now also represented in the Chinese market with its measurement solutions in the field of battery manufacturing.
Valco Melton

New range of Roller Coaters with modular design

18.05.2021 Valco Melton’s (Orkoien, Spain) Roller Coaters have been engineered to apply conventional thermoplastic or reactive adhesives to different kind of substrates delivered in irregular, pre-cut or pre-shaped pieces.
Leonhard Kurz

Counterfeit protection makes Covid 19 certificates and medical devices even safer

11.05.2021 More and more product counterfeiters are manipulating vaccine brands, vaccination certificates and Covid 19 test results. To protect people from suffering and to strengthen confidence in pandemic measures, companies and institutions must invest in protective measures.

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