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Fraunhofer IVV

Packaging films made of monomaterial – completely recyclable and functional

25.01.2022 Plastics are materials with many positive properties that are also used for packaging. They are convincing due to their simple production and low weight.

Installation of line for innovative capacitor films at Peak Nano

14.01.2022 Peak Nano Films, a US-based nanotechnology leader, recently commissioned a Davis-Standard (Pawcatuck, Connecticut) cast film line for processing a breakthrough dielectric film for capacitor applications.
AERO Sustainable Material Technology

Sleek and sustainable Jaguar F-Pace contrast roof

04.01.2022 AERO Sustainable Material Technology (Columbus, Ohio) is enhancing the offer for customers, dealerships and OEMs of its dealership-level contrast roof options with a unique film coating.

Serving up RetortPouch Recyclable to food and wet pet food manufacturers

14.10.2021 Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has added to its range of sustainable premium food and pet food packaging solutions with the launch of RetortPouch Recyclable.

Price increase on film and paper solutions

11.10.2021 Loparex (Cary, North Carolina), a leading global producer of release liners and engineered films, is increasing prices on all products shipped to its customers on or after 15 October 2021. These increases will range from 10% to 15%, depending on the region and as allowed by contract.

High barrier flexible packaging solutions designed for recyclability

13.09.2021 BOBST and its partners have announced a key milestone in their work to replace non-recyclable high barrier multi-material packaging structures with mono-material alternatives designed for recycling.
C2 Background

FINAT labelstock statistics: booming second quarter in line with general economic recovery in Europe

02.09.2021 After a relatively modest start in 2021, labelstock demand in Europe boomed in the second quarter. Compared to the same quarter of 2020, consumption of self-adhesive label materials in Europe was 9.3% higher.
Schreiner ProTech

Premiere for Primera

30.08.2021 High-quality, durable, and scratch-resistant: Schreiner ProTech’s Color Laser Film (CLF) is a proven and well-established product in the market. The laser-markable film impresses with numerous advantages and special properties, including high durability and emission-free marking.

Consolidation of construction competencies in blown film lines

05.07.2021 With effect from 1 July, the Reifenhäuser Group is merging its blown-film business units Reifenhäuser Blown Film and Reifenhäuser Blown Film Polyrema, which have so far operated independently, in order to cope with ongoing growth in this sector. This move consolidates the Group’s competencies even more than before to form a joint brand, Reifenhäuser Blown Film.
allvac Folien GmbH

The right film when it gets hot

21.06.2021 Whether it's cooking, simmering, pasteurising, sterilising or heating in the microwave: When it gets hot for food packaging, allflex UHT (Ultra High Temperature) can show off its strengths to the full. This is because the new high-temperature composite film from allvac Folien GmbH, based in Waltenhofen, Germany, tolerates temperatures of up to 121°C - for up to one hour.

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