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Korean biotech company equips Covid-19 test kit production lines with HERMA labellers

06.01.2022 HERMA GmbH (Filderstadt, Germany) – a provider of labelling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace – has been selected by the leading Korea biotechnology company Bioneer as labelling provider for its extensive COVID-19 test kit production operations.

Leading packaging manufacturer enters medical face mask production within a few months

14.06.2021 When the COVID 19 pandemic gained momentum in early 2020, demand for protective masks exploded worldwide virtually overnight. Looming supply shortages and the thought that the pandemic could cripple global supply chains prompted one of the world's leading packaging manufacturers to enter face mask production in a big way.

Adhesive Technologies launches Henkel Qhesive Solutions brand for data-driven services

20.05.2021 Henkel Adhesive Technologies (Düsseldorf, Germany) has launched Henkel Qhesive Solutions – an all-new services brand, bringing together data-based and data-enabled technologies under one brand roof.
Leonhard Kurz

Counterfeit protection makes Covid 19 certificates and medical devices even safer

11.05.2021 More and more product counterfeiters are manipulating vaccine brands, vaccination certificates and Covid 19 test results. To protect people from suffering and to strengthen confidence in pandemic measures, companies and institutions must invest in protective measures.
Faller Packaging

Clever packaging for corona rapid testing

23.02.2021 With the EasyTake Box, packaging specialist Faller Packaging has developed a safe, space-saving and easy-to-use solution for a PCR-based corona rapid test. The test device is used at the point of sample collection, for example in the emergency room of a hospital, and works with insertable test cartridges. These must not only be packed in an airtight container but also be ready to grab at all times.
Faller Packaging

Labels for freezing temperatures

29.01.2021 Packaging specialist Faller Packaging offers special labels for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that are suitable for use at extremely low temperatures. The labels ensure that important information and its legibility on the product remain intact during storage and transport – for example, for the urgently needed COVID-19 vaccines.
Fraunhofer LBF

Optimum plastic surfaces for UV disinfection

24.09.2020 Many surfaces with potentially high germ contamination, for example in supermarkets, cannot be chemically disinfected. One solution is high-energy UV radiation with a wavelength of 100-280 nanometres, (UV-C), which kills corona viruses, among others.

Rising demand for spunbond turret unwinders due to Covid-19 pandemic

18.08.2020 The slitting and winding machinery supplier Mondon (Saint Pal de Mons, France), is reacting to the enormous increase in demand for meltblown materials for the production of face masks.
Dr. Hönle AG

Scientific evidence of effectiveness of UVC irradiation at inactivating coronavirus

26.05.2020 In a research project, UV specialist Dr. Hönle AG (Gräfelfing, Germany) could successfully prove that energy-rich short-waved UVC irradiation is highly effective for inactivating SARS-CoV-2 viruses.
ICE Europe

Converting industry gets ready for 2021

07.04.2020 From 9 to 11 March 2021, the international converting industry will gather at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany for the 12th edition of ICE Europe, the leading sales and marketing platform for converting technologies in modern manufacturing.

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