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Mahlo GmbH + Co.KG

Exhibitor at Chinaplas 2021

08.03.2021 After a difficult year for the international trade fair world, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is especially pleased to meet experts of the plastics industry in person at the Chinaplas trade fair that takes place from13 to 16 April in Shenzen.
Sensory Analytics

Issuance of broad new patent covering coating thickness measurement

25.02.2021 Sensory Analytics (Greensboro, North Carolina), the fast-growing supplier of highly precise and award-winning SpecMetrix coating thickness and film layer measurement systems, recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued an impactful new patent, U.S. Patent No. 10928185, that further protects their proprietary product offerings.
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

Weighing systems for paint and ink

24.02.2021 For years, FMS has been supplying innovative, precise and durable components for tension measurement/control and guiding systems to manufacturers of web-based products.

Positive balance thanks to battery industry

11.12.2020 MeSys GmbH (Greifenberg, Germany) draws a positive balance for the year 2020 despite the generally tense economic situation and all the adversities. The experts for non-radiometric web measurement of weight, thickness and moisture were able to profit in particular from the increasing demand in the battery sector in recent months.

Everything by a single scan with the QR Code portal

11.11.2020 The application possibilities of QR codes have increased significantly in recent years Especially with the widespread use of smartphones and a worldwide data network, QR-Codes are seemingly everywhere. FMS Force Measuring Systems AG (Oberglatt, Switzerland) is also relying on the little helpers to provide additional help with the installation, machine commissioning and maintenance (or spares needs) of its own products.

High-performance colour measurement sensor with colour profiles

06.11.2020 ABB has added its new colour profiles to its popular High-Performance Color Measurement sensor, improving on its industry-leading technology and expanding papermakers’ ability to identify and resolve a range of potential production problems, including the close monitoring of coating profiles.
BST eltromat

Quality assurance at Etigraph Italia S.r.l.

25.09.2020 As a manufacturer of premium self-adhesive labels for wines and spirits, Etigraph Italia S.r.l. has to set the highest standards for its quality assurance. At the end of the 1990s, the company, founded in 1983 and currently employing about 70 people and based in Chions in north-east Italy, put a first web inspection system from BST eltromat into operation.

Launch of the versatile Fife DSE-45 Digital Wideband Sensor

29.07.2020 Maxcess (Oak Brook, Illinois), a leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, unveiled the Fife DSE-45 Digital Wideband Sensor.

New webshop for spare parts and components

06.07.2020 With immediate effect Erhardt+Leimer GmbH (Stadtbergen, Germany) offers its customers worldwide the possibility to order spare parts for E+L equipment online in its own shop.
BST eltromat

New managing director appointed

29.06.2020 As of 1 June 2020, Jörg Westphal (52) has been promoted to the position of managing director of BST eltromat, where he is responsible for service, sales and marketing. The graduate industrial engineer manages the business of the group of companies together with Dr Jürgen Dillmann, who has been responsible for the technology division since 1 June 2018.

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