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Martin Automatic

Maintaining good tension control

20.09.2021 Correspondent Nick Coombes speaks with Gavin Rittmeyer of Martin Automatic about the company’s solutions to tension control problems.

Acquisition of NDC Technologies

27.08.2021 The Nordson Corporation (Westlake, Ohio) has signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of the NDC Technologies business, a leading global provider of precision measurement solutions for in-line manufacturing process control, from Spectris plc.

Just as many barrier layers as necessary

26.08.2021 The SKZ Plastics Centre in Würzburg, Germany, has developed a measuring system that can determine the thickness of a barrier layer using harmless electromagnetic beams – with micrometre precision and non-destructively.

Entering the future with a new management team

19.07.2021 More than three decades ago, ISRA VISION was founded as a spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, and subsequently developed into a leading global machine vision technology company. At the end of June 2021, the founder and CEO of ISRA VISION, Enis Ersü, has retired from his operational professional life.
Sensory Analytics

Partnership for quality excellence with Tata Steel Packaging

07.07.2021 Tata Steel’s Protact lamination plant in IJmuiden, Netherlands and Sensory Analytics, the US supplier of patented SpecMetrix coating and film thickness measurement systems, have agreed on a partnership to optimise product performance and quality for the two companies.
MeSys GmbH

Continued partnership with Erhardt+Leimer

29.06.2021 MeSys GmbH, based in Greifenberg, Germany, recently extended its long-standing partnership with Erhardt+Leimer GmbH (Stadtbergen, Germany). Under a new contract, it was agreed that the company, which specialises in automation technologies on moving webs, will act as a MeSys sales partner worldwide.
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

Dual range load cells for Emerson & Renwick

22.06.2021 The area of Accrington in the UK is well known for the production of the hardest and densest bricks in the world, the Accrington NORI, which were actually used for the substructure of the Empire State Building. In this very same area Emerson & Renwick, who has a history spanning over 100 years has grown to be a formidable force in the converting industry and specialises in the manufacture of machinery for coating, laminating, wallcovering and automotive industries.
Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning

40 years of industrial cleaning systems

31.05.2021 Even though the company foundation of the manufacturer from Stegen, Germany, is now 40 years in the past, the original motivation and inventive spirit of Claus G. Wandres can still be felt today.
MeSys GmbH

Battery production with the help of precise basis weight measurement

26.05.2021 MeSys GmbH (Greifenberg, Germany) is now also represented in the Chinese market with its measurement solutions in the field of battery manufacturing.

Acquisition of OneBox Vision Ltd to accelerate vision inspection growth

21.05.2021 Maxcess, a global leader in innovative solutions for web handling applications, announced the acquisition of OneBox Vision Ltd. in Tipperrary, Ireland.

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