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Etiket Schiller

Labels made from 100 percent cotton

15.03.2021 Etiket Schiller GmbH (Plüderhausen, Germany) presents a new product line made of 100 percent cotton. A wide range of design ideas can be implemented in the basic colours white and black.
Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Sustainable label consortium CELAB

02.02.2021 Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a leading supplier of high-impact solutions in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, has joined the global consortium toward a Circular Economy for Labels (CELAB). The consortium is dedicated to creating a more sustainable self-adhesive labeling industry.
Faller Packaging

Labels for freezing temperatures

29.01.2021 Packaging specialist Faller Packaging offers special labels for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that are suitable for use at extremely low temperatures. The labels ensure that important information and its legibility on the product remain intact during storage and transport – for example, for the urgently needed COVID-19 vaccines.

New role for recycled material

14.01.2021 Can paper labels made from 100 percent recycled material solve the same demanding logistical tasks as labels made from virgin fibres? The self-adhesive specialist HERMA (Filderstadt, Germany) undertook a successful large-scale test here – and as a result has completely transformed the standardised shipping labels for adhesive material rolls in the adhesive material sector.
Sleeve Labelling Awards

Winners of 2020 announced

25.11.2020 Entries for the 2020 AWA International Sleeve Label Awards were received and judged just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but announcement of the winners was delayed, taking place recently during the AWAVirtual International Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibition 2020 on 16 & 17 November 2020.

First US patent issued

04.11.2020 Polyonics (Westmoreland, New Hampshire), a leader in high temperature and harsh environment label and tag materials, announced the issuance of its first ever US patent for technology that improves the antistatic properties and durability of their electrostatic dissipative (ESD) coatings and label materials.

Self-adhesive label companies launch a broad-based industry recycling initiative

29.10.2020 FINAT, the European self-adhesive labelling industry association, has formally announced the launch of ‘CELAB-Europe’, a significant new initiative designed to create a circular economy for self-adhesive label materials in Europe.
Flint Group

Watershed Group achieves label colour consistency and efficiency gains

28.10.2020 The Watershed Group, the Irish-owned, international label converting group, has tightened colour accuracy and improved operating efficiencies at its Dublin plant, after automating its spot-colour matching processes with Flint Group’s VIVO Colour Solutions software.

Joint sustainability project receives another award

02.10.2020 Probably the world's first PE label whose PE content consists of 100 percent post-consumer recycled material and is equipped with a special wash-off adhesive, continues to cause a sensation. Just one month after being awarded the German Packaging Award, the label has now also won the "Green Packaging Star".
Innovia Films

New carbon-neutral label film

23.09.2020 Innovia Films (Wigton, UK) is launching Encore C45cn, the first carbon neutral BOPP label film. Encore C45cn is ISCC certified and will contribute to reducing carbon footprint and reducing the use of fossil resources.

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