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New adhesive for biodegradable laminates

06.03.2023 Industrial composting of labels in accordance with EN 13432 has been possible for some time thanks to HERMA adhesive material. Now, however, even home and garden composting can be easily realised.
Valco Melton

Comprehensive range of gluing technologies on display at ICE Europe 2023

24.02.2023 Valco Melton (Cincinnati, Ohio) designs and manufactures gluing technologies for various production processes, including tape, medical tape, and labels.

Strengthening of market position and capacity to meet demand for specialty inks and coatings in Brazil

22.02.2023 ACTEGA (Wesel, Germany), manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds with a focus on the packaging and print industry, aims to define high standards for its customers within Brazil's fast-growing market by striving for excellence and innovation. Through its highly efficient response to customer needs and requirements, ACTEGA is becoming a market leader in the specialty inks and coatings segments in Brazil.

Revolutionary die lip adjustment system to be introduced at K 2022

07.10.2022 At a time when the industry is demanding more efficiency from its resources, Nordson (Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin) plans to debut a new automated lip adjustment system for their EDI extrusion and fluid coating dies at the K 2022 trade fair. This new system achieves saving tolerances four times faster than conventional thermal bolt systems, supporting operations’ need for increased sustainability.

New electric hot melt jetting head

28.09.2022 Volta is Robatech's (Muri, Switzerland) new application head for precise dot and bead application at high speeds. It is said to bring stability to adhesive application and is characterised by its durability, which should significantly reduce maintenance. Volta was first introduced to the public in September 2022.

COATINO defect detection evaluates coating defects in the shortest possible time

07.09.2022 Evonik's (Essen, Germany) Coating Additives business line has developed a new tool for the digital analysis of coated test samples: COATINO Defect Detection (CDD), which precisely and objectively detects and evaluates coating defects. Within a few seconds the system delivers quantifiable results.
Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium

Raw Materials – Applications – Process Engineering

31.08.2022 In less than two months, the 47th Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium (MKVS) will begin. For the event, which will take place from 17-19 October at The Westin Grand Hotel Munich, the organisers from Hinterwaldner Consulting have a clear message: "We're planning ahead so that you can continue your planning too!"
H.B. Fuller

Partnership with Enimac to strengthen e-commerce packaging

13.07.2022 H.B. Fuller (St. Paul, Minnesota) has entered a strategic partnership in North America with Italy-based Enimac, an international tape application equipment manufacturer that serves over 100 customers in more than 30 countries.

New coating circulator for special applications with high viscosity, flow, pressure, speed, or temperatures

03.06.2022 TRESU (Kolding, Denmark), a leading provider of flexographic printing technology and coating solutions with 40 years of proven performance in the printing industry, now introduces a new variant of the third-generation L-series coating circulator: TRESU H5i G3 for high performance circulation in special applications.

Investment in innovation fund for sustainable packaging

14.04.2022 As part of its corporate venture capital activities, Henkel is investing in a new fund from Emerald Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Emerald has many years of experience in industrial technologies and advanced materials, as well as a broad network of start-ups.

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