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New adhesive for biodegradable laminates

06.03.2023 Industrial composting of labels in accordance with EN 13432 has been possible for some time thanks to HERMA adhesive material. Now, however, even home and garden composting can be easily realised.
Valco Melton

Comprehensive range of gluing technologies on display at ICE Europe 2023

24.02.2023 Valco Melton (Cincinnati, Ohio) designs and manufactures gluing technologies for various production processes, including tape, medical tape, and labels.

Strengthening of market position and capacity to meet demand for specialty inks and coatings in Brazil

22.02.2023 ACTEGA (Wesel, Germany), manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds with a focus on the packaging and print industry, aims to define high standards for its customers within Brazil's fast-growing market by striving for excellence and innovation. Through its highly efficient response to customer needs and requirements, ACTEGA is becoming a market leader in the specialty inks and coatings segments in Brazil.

ICE Europe 2023 – Continuous film casting with high-precision drying system

16.02.2023 As a manufacturer of industrial process systems, IPCO Germany GmbH (Fellbach, Germany), will present the production and quality benefits of its steel belt-based film casting systems and its Venturi drying system at ICE Europe 2023.

ICE Europe 2023 – FlexPack coating line turns complexity into productivity

15.02.2023 Flexible products constitute one of the fastest growing segments in the packaging industry and SML’s commitment to this high-potential area is reflected by its innovative and skilfully engineered FlexPack co-extrusion coating and laminating line.

Expanding range of FunctionalBarrier Papers with high-barrier packaging solution

25.01.2023 Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is expanding its unique range of medium, high and very high barrier paper-based packaging to support customers on their journey to use more sustainable packaging solutions.
Schreiner Group

Prestigious TLMI Award for Piano Label

19.01.2023 For Schreiner Group, it is a resounding success: The globally active hidden champion headquartered in the Munich metropolitan area achieved a first-place TLMI Award—one of the most prestigious prizes in the American printing industry. The accolade went to the Piano Label entry submitted by the Schreiner ProTech business unit. This marking label enables fast yet permanent identification of valve blocks in passenger cars.
H.B. Fuller

Launch of new bio-compatible adhesive for medical applications

13.01.2023 H.B. Fuller, one of the world’s leading adhesives suppliers, has launched Swift melt 1515-I, its first bio-compatible product compliant in IMEA – India, Middle East, and Africa. The product is for medical tape applications to be used in stick-to-skin under unique climatic conditions, such as the high temperatures and humidity in the Indian sub-continent.
Leonhard Kurz

Digital lacquering and digital metallization with 3D effect

10.01.2023 At the KURZ LABEL WEEKS, LEONHARD KURZ from Fürth, Germany, presented the DM-UNILINER 3D, the latest development from its subsidiary Steinemann DPE. The DM-UNILINER 3D is an innovative stand-alone digital printing system for finishing labels with impressive 3D effects.
Schreiner ProTech

PCS for vehicle lighting

05.01.2023 Light is regarded as one of the most important safety factors in road traffic, not only during the dark season. Reliable venting elements ensure that drivers won’t find themselves standing in the dark. As a total solution expert, Schreiner ProTech (Oberschleißheim, Germany), sets standards for self-adhesive pressure compensation seals (PCS) and precision dispensing and inspection/testing systems.

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