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Müller joins Goebel

03.09.2009 Dr Bernhard Müller has been appointed managing director of sales at Goebel Schneid- und Wickelsysteme and the Goebel holding company. Before joining Goebel, Müller was managing director of Austrian ...

Sold – one slitting and wrapping machine

02.09.2009 Eurograv, the UK and Ireland agents for Ghezzi & Annoni, have sold an FA300 automatic slitting machine with full wrapping and pick-and-place packaging line to Leicester-based Advance Tapes ...

Shrink core cutting labour costs

01.09.2009 Appleton Manufacturing Division’s AutoLoader is said to offer increased flexibility in automating efficiencies in the core cutting process in combination with, say, the P510 programmable core cutter. ...

EDI names Turkish agent

28.08.2009 Extrusion Dies Industries has named Plastteknik İthalat İhracat as its new agent in Turkey. “Plastteknik’s founders have provided a sales service to users of flat die systems in Turkey for 10 years,” ...

Rotating cylindrical magnetron technology

28.08.2009 Bekaert Advanced Coatings is going to introduce its new rotating cylindrical magnetron concept at the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Converence 2009, which will take place from 21-25 ...

Elsner celebrates 75 years

26.08.2009 Elsner Engineering Works, based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, celebrates its 75th anniversary with the launch of several new machines. Founded by German immigrants Franz and Johanna Elsner in 1934, ...

Radial force sensor

26.08.2009 Haehne has added two larger-sized cost-effective BZA aluminium-based web tension sensors to its range. While current sizes 1 and 2 are suitable for nominal forces of up to 1000 Newton and 1600 Newton ...

Coating and lacquering QA at ICE

26.08.2009 During the 6th International Converting Exhibition, which will take place from 24-26 November 2009 at the M,O,C, in Munich, the Fraunhofer Institute IVV for Process Engineering and Packaging will be ...

Flexible outdoor coatings

25.08.2009 New from Drytac are two liquid laminate coatings for outdoor applications, said to feature a tough exterior finish. They are designed for use in fleet graphics, outdoor signage and lorry-side ...

Reifenhäuser snaps up Kiefel

25.08.2009 Since the start of this year all equity interests in Kiefel Extrusion, renowned specialists in the blown film extrusion lines business, have been sold by Brückner to Reifenhäuser. Reifenhäuser plans ...

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