allfo Vakuumverpackungen
Made for the recycling economy

06.08.2020 VAC 95+ is the latest vacuum bag from allfo. Special feature: It can be fully recycled.

VAC 95+ from allfo.
© Photo: allfo
VAC 95+ from allfo.

This is ensured by the new polypropylene base, thanks to which the bag is certified as highly pure in the AAA recycling class by the institute cyclos HTP. The newcomer's formula was developed in the company's own laboratory and application technology centre. The bag can now be fed into the recycling economy. There, the PP bag is easily identified and the material can be recycled without any additional separation effort. In contrast to other solutions on the market, which mean considerable additional cost in recycling, this packaging solution fulfills the requirements of the German Packaging Act, which requires significantly more recyclable packaging from the economy. The Dual System Germany, through which the recycling economy is organised in Germany, aims to recycle at least 58.5 percent of the plastics on average and 63 percent by 2022.

Europe-wide demand

The demand for recyclable vacuum bags is increasing not only in Germany. Other European countries are also sensitised by the EU directives, which aim to reduce the amount of waste in very different ways. 25.8M tonnes of plastic waste are generated in Europe every year. To date, less than 30 percent of this is collected for recycling. The ambitious goals are for all plastic packaging that is put on the EU market to be reusable or to be recycled cost effectively by 2030.

"As the market leader for vacuum bags in Europe, we can proudly say: With our new bag, we are ready ten years earlier to meet this legitimate requirement,” says Harald Gessinger, sales manager at allfo. Customers do not have to fear any loss of quality. Because VAC 95+ does the same as the classic PA/PE bags. This means that it features a high-performance barrier layer that e.g. reliably protects food from moisture, dirt or the unwanted penetration of oxygen.

Quality is sustainable

The quality of the VAC 95+ is already a clear sign of sustainability, because the CO2 footprint in the production of food is significantly higher than that in the manufacturing process of vacuum bags. Any corruption would therefore be a greater loss. In addition, the new VAC 95+ also shines with the best sealing properties.