Innovations inspired by nature

15.11.2022 Sappi, a leading global provider of everyday materials made from renewable woodfibre-based resources, has attended The Greener Manufacturing Show and the Plastic Waste Free World Conference in Cologne on 9 and 10 November 2022. The show and conference brought together more than 150 exhibitors and over 3000 international brand owners and manufacturers from many industries who are intent on enhancing their sustainability credentials and reducing the impact of their operations on the environment.

Sappi’s booth at The Greener Manufacturing Show.
© Photo: Sappi Europe
Sappi’s booth at The Greener Manufacturing Show.

Sappi is introducing an impressive variety of paper-based, sustainable solutions to replace fossil-fuel-based, non-renewable alternatives. These range from functional papers with integrated barrier technology to paperboard with enhanced optics, as well as premium specialty papers for the food and label industries.

Innovation leader in functional papers

Sappi is recognised as an innovation and market leader in functional papers with integrated barrier functionality and heat-sealable properties, and the company is continuously expanding its portfolio of barrier and high-barrier papers. At the Greener Manufacturing Show, Sappi showcased several current examples of food and non-food applications using these barrier papers, which are expected to reflect the company’s commitment to replacing non-recyclable aluminium and plastic multi-layer laminates with entirely sustainable alternatives that meet all market requirements in terms of performance and recycling.

Sappi also has an extensive and highly innovative portfolio of premium paperboards with a multitude of surface options for the most diverse packaging applications. With its Algro Design paperboard family of products, Sappi aims to demonstrate that sustainable, innovative solutions can also deliver high-impact appeal thanks to their distinctive surface properties, colour brilliance, and shaping and folding properties.

Cellulose-based fibre solution for wide-ranging applications

To offer customers in more than 150 countries worldwide sustainable, responsible alternatives to non-renewables, Sappi’s Biotech division has added the innovative Symbio natural composite material to its portfolio. Symbio’s premium cellulose fibres are sourced from wood and manufactured in an environmentally responsible production process. The lightweight cellulose-based fibre solution contributes to improving the life cycle analyses of products and processes by considerably reducing their CO2 footprint. Compared with conventional materials, polymers enhanced with Sappi Symbio ensure increased material stiffness and strength. Moreover, the natural odourless fibre-based solution offers benefits such as lightness of colour and high brightness and ensures optically invisible fibres in the end application.

Symbio is considered to be an ideal solution for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from furniture and interior lifestyle products to consumer electronics, kitchenware and even automotive components. Being reusable and entirely recyclable, Symbio is another milestone developed in line with the company’s long-term vision to provide bio-based materials fully derived from wood that offer attractive alternatives to fossil-based plastics and composites.

Cosmetics to construction materials

Sappi Valida is another product which Sappi’s Biotech division developed to meet quickly changing market needs. Produced from sustainable cellulose fibres, this fibrillated cellulose solution was conceived to support manufacturers in meeting the need to replace conventional materials, which have been used to ensure reinforcement and stabilisation, with bio-based ingredients. The sustainable material performs as an opacifier, flow modifier, hydration agent and stabiliser, and is ideal for a wide range of applications such as cosmetics and personal care products, coatings, agricultural and construction materials.