PreZero Polymers
Latest technology for closed polymer life cycles

15.12.2020 In the presence of Carinthian Governor Dr Peter Kaiser and Deputy District Governor of Völkermarkt Dr Adalbert Janesch, PreZero Polymers officially commissioned its new twin-screw extruder on 11 December. In future, the extruder will be able to produce particularly high-quality plastic recyclates for the global market.

Inauguration of the new screw extruder at PreZero Polymers in Haimburg by Carinthian Governor Dr Peter Kaiser.
© Photo: LPD Carinthia/Just
Inauguration of the new screw extruder at PreZero Polymers in Haimburg by Carinthian Governor Dr Peter Kaiser.

"Across Europe, 29M tonnes of plastic waste are generated every year. Its environmentally friendly recycling is one of the most important issues facing our society. PreZero Polymers Austria GmbH, with its 100 committed employees, is also making a major contribution to helping the EU's "Green Deal" goals achieve a breakthrough," says Dr Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia.

Investments despite the pandemic

Even in times of the Corona pandemic, PreZero Polymers continues to invest in the future of the company. "The construction of the EREMA twin-screw extruder is an important milestone for us in closing the plastics cycle. The plant enables us to produce high quality plastic recyclates for our customers. In times like these, we are all the more pleased to be able to officially open this plant together with the Governor of Carinthia, Dr Peter Kaiser," emphasises Robert Lackner, head of business operation at PreZero Polymers.

The twin-screw extruder from the Austrian manufacturer EREMA has an output capacity of 2200 kg/h and is capable of mixing up to twelve different materials. The plastic recyclates from PreZero Polymers thus create alternatives for the use of new plastics. Fields of application for the recyclates include the gardening and furniture-making industries, the household appliance and construction sectors, and even the automotive industry.

Continuous growth

The continuous growth of PreZero Polymers is due to investments like these and a successful cooperation with the province of Carinthia and the district administration of Völkermarkt. As a result, more than 100 jobs have been created in the district of Völkermarkt. In the future, an additional 20 new jobs are to be created there. With over 25 years of experience and two operational sites in Haimburg (Austria) and Fonte (Italy), PreZero Polymers is an established player in plastics recycling in Europe. The plastics specialist has been part of the internationally active environmental services provider PreZero since 2019 and is thus part of the Schwarz Group, which also includes Lidl and Kaufland.