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The Green Dot saves over 620 000 tonnes of CO2

28.07.2021 By recovering and recycling used sales packaging in 2020, the Green Dot has ensured the saving of over 620 000 tonnes of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. That is as much as 62 000 hectares of forest can filter out of the atmosphere every year.

"Without a functioning circular economy, climate protection cannot succeed," is the conviction at the Green Dot.
© Photo: @Alexas - pixabay.com
"Without a functioning circular economy, climate protection cannot succeed," is the conviction at the Green Dot.

"Climate protection cannot succeed without a functioning circular economy," Michael Wiener, CEO of Green Dot, is convinced. "Industry and materials management contribute to 45 percent of CO2 emissions – so recycling is indispensable to move towards a CO2-neutral economy."

Green Dot's annual environmental balance sheet

In accordance with DIN-EN-ISO standards, the Green Dot annually prepares an environmental balance sheet, certified by an expert, for the ecological evaluation of recycling and recovery. For the life cycle assessment, Green Dot determines the consumption of energy and resources and the amount of emissions generated by the individual recycling processes.

All individual quantities balanced are ecologically evaluated and combined into impact categories. Energy and resource consumption as well as emissions from recycling are compared to the corresponding impact categories for primary production. The life cycle assessment compares the impacts of the two systems – of course, it takes into account that the same product benefits are generated in primary production as in recycling.

Efficient avoidance of CO2 emissions

To calculate the example: each hectare of forest filters an average of ten tonnes of CO2 equivalents (CO2eq.) out of the atmosphere. In 2020, the Green Dot avoided around 620 000 tonnes of CO2eq. by recovering and recycling a good 990 000 tonnes of used sales packaging – this is equivalent to the amount filtered by around 62 000 hectares of forest (source: www.wissen.de/wie-viel-co2-filtern-baeume-aus-der-luft).