Web-vector rotary finishing technology at Interpack 2020

27.02.2020 Schobertechnologies GmbH (Eberdingen, Germany) specialises in the development, design and manufacturing of rotary tools, modules and specialty machines. The company offers innovative high-performance solutions and the efficient processing of technical products.

© Photo: Schobertechnologies

For manufacturers of digitally printed folding boxes and in-mould labels, the manufacturer presents the new RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT. This machine features a hybrid drive technology for format-independent processing of digitally printed packaging materials and foils.

Processing of a wide range of formats

The innovative drive technology combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting and creasing technology in re-registration mode to print; thus a wide range of formats can be processed with a single set of tool or magnetic cylinders.

With a fully modular design, the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT is designed to convert webs up to a width of 770mm to suit image sizes or printing formats of 740x1120mm. The standard configuration of the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT includes  a  vacuum  conveyor with multiple vacuum chambers for a controlled  product delivery, high speed, programmable robot-automated stacking. A counting system ("Spider") with extreme acceleration and precision at a continuous web speed of up to 50m/min is available as an option.

This robot-automated delivery is designed in such a way that different products can be stacked with the same print image regardless of whether it is a combination of very long and large, or small products with different dimensions, or a continuous, format-independent nesting of the printed images.

Massive savings in media wastes

A strong advantage of this format-independent nesting are massive savings in media wastes and a massive increase in productivity based on imposition efficiency.  The optional use of combined cutting and creasing plates helps to reduce tool costs. The proven cutting gap control system (GCS), to compensate for cutting wear, increases the tool life – another advantage of the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT.

Preset recipes – directly on the machine or via a workflow connection – enable very short set-up times. An automatic search for the starting position of the processing tools (auto register) reduces the waste rate to a minimum. A 100% inspection system can optionally be integrated to discharge waste.

Due to its special features, the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT is reported to be the answer to increasing market requirements and future challenges of digital printing.