New GOEBEL IMS portfolio for nonwoven applications

14.04.2023 For the first time GOEBEL IMS – a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES (Calcinate, Italy) – will be exhibiting at INDEX23, the world’s leading nonwovens exhibition, at booth 1219.


For over 170 years GOEBEL IMS has been at the forefront of the mechanical engineering and construction of slitter rewinders and automatic winders for a wide range of materials. With more than 11 000 machines installed all over the world, and thanks to their deep know-how, they decided to add one more material to their wide range: nonwovens.


At INDEX23, the company will present its latest innovation: the HYPERSLIT GIANT. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this is the very first GOEBEL IMS machine processing nonwoven materials, promising the highest levels of productivity and efficiency as well as top rewinding quality. “We are proud to announce that our machine has been successfully tested in December, and it is now ready to be installed at customer facility,” IMS TECHNOLOGIES announced in a press release.

Their HYPERSLIT GIANT ensure high performances and quality when processing all the main types of nonwoven materials (specially spunbond, sms, smms). The maximum working speed is up to 2000m/min and the working width is up to 5400mm. The first solution has been built with a fully automatic handling system for rewinding shaft and core positioning with minimum distance between the cores without spacers. “Thanks to our strong know-how, we can provide tailor-made machinery while taking into account each customer’s specific needs and processes, with an additional offer of advanced automated solutions.”

The company’s complete range of slitting and winding solutions also includes REVOWIND and JUMBOWIND. These in-line winders with single or double winding drums are able to wind very delicate and difficult materials. Both winders are equipped with doffing system to minimise scrap and they can be upgraded with a slitting unit (only REVOWIND) and different options in terms of automations. The portfolio also includes another slitter rewinder: HYPERSLIT. This machine is designed for a working width up to 4000mm and ensures high performance and efficiency.

Complete turnkey solutions

“With the aim of increasing our customer’s productivity, we also offer complete turn-key solutions, from stock preparation to the finished reels handling and packing system,” IMS TECHNOLOGIES stated in its press release. GOEBEL IMS supplies automatic customised solutions to minimise operator interventions and production errors.

Furthermore, visitors to INDEX can discover IMS TECHNOLOGIES’ digital services, such as MAIA - Machine Artificial Intelligence Application, an innovative industrial IoT platform developed to meet the customers' needs in the Industry 4.0 era. The cloud-based system enables users to collect data from machines and to visualise them through easy dashboards. Moreover, stored data can be analysed in order to detect long-term trends and to facilitate maintenance. Thanks to the use of analytics and artificial intelligence, MAIA provides customers with suggestions on how to optimise operations, enhance efficiency and product quality and implement new business models. The group’s after-sales solutions, such as field or remote assistance, preventive maintenance, retrofitting, upgrade and rebuilding programmes will also be presented during the event in Geneva.