Once again recognised as Germany's innovation leader

15.06.2021 DIENES already secured the title of "Germany's Innovation Leader" in the field of "Hand cutting tools; cutting; separating" in 2019. The company from Overath successfully defended this title and will again receive the coveted award in 2021.

DIENES knives are used in numerous applications in the converting industry.
© Photo: DIENES
DIENES knives are used in numerous applications in the converting industry.

The award was presented by the F.A.Z. Institute, which tested 33 000 German companies for their innovative strength. The study was based on the patents registered with the EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT) and the significance of these patents for the development of the industry.

New standards in cutting technology

DIENES is known for its large number of patents that set new standards in the field of "cutting" worldwide: From pneumatic and electric motor driven knife holders, DIENES CSL technology for cutting force optimisation, the DIENES Easy Set for safe and easy knife positioning, as well as the DIENES depth adjustment Senso Control for perfect cutting results, to the fully automatic simultaneous positioning system DIENES SIMU FLASH. With a lot of know-how, DIENES as an "inventor company" wants to continue to develop pioneering techniques and products.

The family business

DIENES is a market-leading supplier in the fields of knives, knife holders, cutting systems and valves for industrial applications and can look back on a company history of over 100 years. The company employs approx. 500 people. DIENES holds various national and international patents and is active in a wide range of industries, such as packaging, labels, adhesive tape, battery foil, nonwovens, cellulose, paper, sleeve paper, aluminium, carbon material and many more. DIENES knives and knife holders are used to cut, score or perforate a wide variety of materials. The products are used, for example, in the roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet processes.