150th sale of the S2 DT Compact Turret Slitter

27.07.2021 Comexi (Girona, Spain), a specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting industry, celebrates a new milestone after a Guatemalan company acquired the 150th S2 DT compact turret slitter.

The S2DT Compact Turret Slitter from Comexi.
© Photo: Comexi
The S2DT Compact Turret Slitter from Comexi.

Consequently, the Catalan company has reached the mark of 150 slitters of the S2 DT family being sold, and currently has more than 350 double turret machines on the market overall (including sales from the S1 DT group of machines).

A revolution in flexible packaging

“The S2 DT compact slitter has led to a revolution in the flexible packaging sector. With the increasing pressure to reduce costs and growing need to produce more efficient and productive solutions, the Comexi S2 DT offers an unbeatable performance/cost ratio,” explains Raúl El-Fakdi, director of the Comexi Slitting business unit. "The company's commitment to offer quality-guaranteeing solutions, while simultaneously addressing the needs of our customers, could not give any other result than that of a leading position in technology, which is, once again, supported by the market, as is evident, with the increasing number of sales.” The Comexi S2 DT slitter is primarily sold in the European (40%) and American (40%) markets.

High productivity and flexibility

Reliable and robust, the Comexi S2 DT is a state-of-the-art machine created to offer high productivity as a result of its superior flexibility and rapid acceleration and deceleration ramps. In regard to slitters within this group, the Comexi S2 DT has a unique tension control and offers a high level of material versatility, thus being able to work with low-micron, breathable PE, aluminium, and paper. Operating the Comexi S2 DT is extremely straightforward and intuitive, due to the amount of work which has been done to provide a pleasant, comfortable, and agile interface. This slitter, equipped with a turret system to streamline project changes, is especially useful to companies that need to produce large volumes of reels. With the Comexi S2 DT, quality and quantity are not incompatible.