Acceleration of the digital journey

18.12.2020 The Bobst Group (Mex, Switzerland) and SEI Laser (Curno, Italy) will join forces to accelerate the development of digital laser cutting solutions for the label and packaging industry.

Digital laser cutting systems are central elements in the common activities of BOBST and SEI Laser.
© Photo: BOBST
Digital laser cutting systems are central elements in the common activities of BOBST and SEI Laser.

The synergies between both companies are said to enable the development of new solutions and approaches answering the needs of their clients. The new activity will globally develop and commercialise digital laser cutting solutions for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board industries. Once all required approvals will have been obtained, Bobst Group will provide more information.

BOBST accelerates its digital investments

Already now, BOBST announces the acquisition of the remaining 49.9% in Mouvent AG to reinforce the development of its printing portfolio. BOBST acquired 50.1% of RADEX in June 2017 to develop Mouvent AG, a start-up company focusing on digital inkjet printing. The intent was to explore and deliver the next innovations to transform packaging production. The work accomplished over the last three years is considered to have been very fruitful and positive.

Mouvent’s innovative cluster technology has been deployed in the Mouvent LB-701, LB-702 and the BOBST MASTER DM5 presses. Despite the Covid-19 situation, more than 20 presses have been sold in Europe and the USA during 2020. The BOBST digital portfolio is intended to open new horizons for label converters, combining high quality printing, high productivity and the right economics. It is answering the growing demand for short runs, faster time-to-market, versioning and seasonal products.

Extending the leadership position

With this acquisition BOBST is poised to further accelerate its leadership in printing and converting. New digital inkjet platforms and new water-based inks will soon be announced, answering the sustainability requirements and shaping the future of the packaging world.