Zecher lecture series in Stuttgart
“Lowering costs and improving quality”


Impressions from Zecher's series of lectures in Stuttgart (photo: Zecher)
Impressions from Zecher's series of lectures in Stuttgart (photo: Zecher)

"Standardise, reduce costs and improve quality" – this was the motto of the series of lectures held by Zecher GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) at the end of January in the exclusive ambience of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Around 150 participants from the packaging industry and coating technology came to the event to find out about possibilities to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Besides the presentations of the sales and technical service team, the word acrobat Dr Oliver Tissot made sure that the fun in between was not neglected. Björn and Sascha Vorlop from Christiansen Print reported on the practical implementation of the project "Cost optimisation through standardisation" in their company. They were able to reduce the number of anilox roller changes from 30 to five per day.

During a tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the participants were also able to admire automotive technology from three centuries. According to customer feedback, the lecture series was very informative and successful. "The event was the ideal opportunity to present the participants with the thematic content on anilox rollers in a relaxed atmosphere," says Zecher’s sales manager Thomas Reinking.