GEW to highlight its UV solutions at Labelexpo Americas


GEW will be exhibiting at Labelexpo Americas this year (photo: GEW)
GEW will be exhibiting at Labelexpo Americas this year (photo: GEW)

At Labelexpo Americas 2018 (25-27 September in Chicago, Illinois), GEW (EC) Limited (Crawley, UK) will showcase its comprehensive range of UV curing systems comprising mercury arc, LED and hybrid systems. Alongside these will be the fully hybrid RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply, which has very recently been awarded an ETL Listing for the North American market. The event will be an opportunity for the UK manufacturer to update visitors on the full range of UV equipment for use with label printing presses. Their complete range will be displayed on Stand 3500.

As a leading expert for UV curing technology, GEW has become a key player in the design and manufacture of UV systems for web printing and coating up to 2.5m wide. The focus of GEW’s presence at this year’s Labelexpo will be their enhanced range of high-power LED UV systems.

The company will also show their E2C model, which they consider to be the most powerful low energy UV curing system for narrow web presses. The E2C UV curing system, with RHINO electronic power supply, takes curing of inks and coatings to new levels of productivity and print run security. Safe for the widest range of heat-sensitive materials, with no heat transfer to the machine or substrate at stand-by through the use of actively air-cooled shutter technology, E2C RHINO systems come with the additional benefit of a 5-year warranty.

GEW will also display their new multi-point UV monitor (mUVm), a major innovation for UV curing installations. This next-generation monitor continuously measures UV intensity across the web, which is vital to avoid the risks and consequences of undercured product reaching the customer. With this highly reliable and cost-effective solution it is now possible to attain 100% UV inspection and to generate a UV curing certificate for every batch, by recording live outputs for every lamp. Furthermore, the new monitor is designed to comply with a broad range of European legislation on food contact packaging.