Baldwin Technology to showcase key innovation at ICE Europe 2019


FilmCylinderCleaner and Corona technologies will be part of Baldwin's ICE presentation (photo: Baldwin)
FilmCylinderCleaner and Corona technologies will be part of Baldwin's ICE presentation (photo: Baldwin)

Baldwin Technology Company Inc. (St. Louis, Missouri) will present three innovative business segments, featuring pioneering new technology for converting and plastic film at ICE Europe 2019. Baldwin offers a broad range of innovations and expertise focused on enhanced print results and economic and environmental efficiency of print production processes. ICE Europe takes place in the Munich Trade fair Centre, and Baldwin will showcase its technology in booth 724, hall A6.

Technology on display will include automated cylinder cleaning systems, Corona surface pretreatment systems, LED-UV curing and IR drying systems, Hot-air dryers, rotor spray systems and technologies for colour management and defect detection. The technology presented helps unlock potential in the process through increased productivity, reduced waste, safer working conditions and full control of securing flawless products.

“We are very proud to show the industry how Baldwin, through innovation and acquisitions, has created a strong product portfolio for optimisation and automation of film extrusion, flexo and corrugated printing systems,” said Peter Hultberg, CCO of Baldwin Technology. “At ICE Europe, there is an opportunity to experience our impressive range of equipment from all of the Baldwin business segments in one booth – all optimising the production systems. This truly shows the technological strength of partnering with the Baldwin.”

Baldwin offers highly efficient IR drying with ability to increase production speed by up to 30% and fully automatic cleaning systems for increased printing and extrusion process productivity and quality. The range of cleaning equipment is customised for optimal cleaning – whether in flexo corrugated, flexo CI, plastic film extrusion or offset applications. Baldwin’s cleaning systems can save valuable production time and material costs while increasing the output quality, maximising the return on investment and safekeeping the operators.

AMS Spectral UV provides LED-UV and conventional UV curing technologies that instantly cure or dry inks and coatings as part of printing, converting and other industrial processes. The business segment is known for offering seamless wide-format solutions providing the highest curing intensities and efficient operation.

Ahlbrandt Systems, a pioneer of high performing Corona surface pretreatment, also delivers market leading innovative web processing systems, even and precise rotor spray coating technologies and hot-air drying solutions, bringing high-end quality in print and plastic film processes.

BALDWIN Vision Systems designs advanced colour management and inspection technology solutions for achieving print quality perfection. Automated workflows, increasingly complex requirements and exacting standards are met to dramatically reduce waste, enhance print quality and reduce customer rebates.