Expertise for paper, film, packaging and textile production

05.02.2021 SAP SE has once again recognised the excellent industry expertise of T.CON GmbH & Co. KG (Plattling, Germany) in the area of the so-called Mill Industry in Germany. The certificate "SAP Recognized Expertise in the category Mill products for Germany" proves the exceptional know-how of the SAP Gold Partner in building solutions for this industry based on SAP software.

Industry expertise in Mill Industry – SAP has certified T.CON once again (image from the iT.CONnect 2019 company event).
© Photo: T.CON
Industry expertise in Mill Industry – SAP has certified T.CON once again (image from the iT.CONnect 2019 company event).

The Mill Industry includes companies from the film, paper, cardboard, nonwovens, textile and metal industries, among others. "We are proud that our remarkable process knowledge and solution expertise for area- or length-oriented production, even by international standards, has been recognised in this way by SAP SE," says Thomas Blöchl, member of the management board of T.CON.

Expertise and solutions for the mill industry

The "SAP Recognised Expertise" award is given by SAP to recognise the industry or solution-specific expertise of its partners. There are currently over 22 000 SAP partners worldwide who specialise in different industries. The online directory SAP Partner Finder lists more than 4400 partners with SAP Recognized Expertise. In addition to T.CON, only four other consulting firms there have the industry certification for Mill Industry.

This expertise is, for example, the basis for the development of the ERP solution package T.CON SMART FOR MILL. The consulting knowledge contained in the package and the individual modules cover the business processes of area- or length-oriented production. T.CON uses SAP standard solutions that are optimally adapted to the requirements of the mill industry.

In addition, T.CON develops its own solutions in coordination with SAP SE, which supplement the SAP standard with business-specific functions for this industry – such as MES CAT for production, TRIM SUITE for waste optimisation or ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK for the documentation of layer events.

Complete offer for all business processes

The offer includes on-premise and cloud solutions for the digitalisation of all process steps in mill industry – from calculation, procurement, planning, production, quality management, maintenance, sales and shipping to integrated human resources and accounting. Furthermore, with SMART FOR MILL, T.CON offers bigger and smaller tools that extremely simplify the adaptation of the SAP standard to industry-specific requirements in IT projects. Compact add-on solutions, for example for generating forms and printouts in area or length-oriented production, round off the portfolio.

Planning and producing new products faster

Due to changing consumer preferences and regulatory requirements, many companies in the mill industry are currently facing massive changes. In the area of packaging, for example, plastic is increasingly being replaced by raw materials such as paper. Elsewhere, issues such as adapting the product range to the circular economy or efficiency requirements for energy management are driving change. "With our solutions, we help mill companies to master these challenges. This allows them to efficiently reschedule, quickly integrate new recipes or materials into thoroughly digitalised production processes, while always keeping a close eye on the business impact," explains Saša Mihajlovic, head of the Mill Production Strategic Business Unit at T.CON GmbH & Co. KG.  "We thus offer our customers real added value and help to ensure that the industry is future-proof."

The "SAP Recognized Expertise" award is granted as part of the SAP PartnerEdge programme. In order to receive it, SAP partners must fulfil high requirements. Among other things, proof of technical expertise is required. In addition, the partner must have successfully completed a certain number of customer projects in the industry.