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tesa SE – tesa 60408 Bio-based paper packaging tape

01.01.2023 With technical innovations such as the tesa 60408 Bio-based paper packaging tape, tesa supports companies to achieve their sustainability goals. Thanks to the smart choice of raw materials, the total bio-based carbon content of this product was measured to be 92% according to DIN CERTCO, making this product the most sustainable paper packaging tape in tesa's assortment.

tesa 60408 – Bio-based paper packaging tape
© Photo: tesa SE
tesa 60408 – Bio-based paper packaging tape


The paper used comes from well-managed forests and other controlled sources and tesa also tested the packaging tape according to INGEDE method 12, making it a recycling-friendly solution. After use, the product can be disposed in the paper waste along with the cardboard without compromising the recycling process.

The new tesa 60408 Bio-based paper packaging tape is an innovative product with an original product design. The goal was to increase the amount of bio-based materials used for the production of the tape. The result is a unique tape awarded by DIN CERTCO with the highest bio-carbon content rating possible (>85%). It comes with a chlorine-free backing and a solvent-free natural rubber adhesive that offers excellent tack and adhesion to a wide variety of carton types including recycled materials. It is a reliable solution in the demanding environment of logistics for sealing light- and medium-weight boxes weighing up to 20kg.

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