Sustainable Products and Converting Processes
Work Microwave GmbH – Continuous inline moisture monitoring for quality improvement and energy savings

01.01.2023 The new SR-60 moisture head of award-winning WORKSens SR Series monitors coating processes and product moisture with the highest sensitivity, in the thinnest web-type materials.

SR-60 moisture head
© Photo: Work Microwave GmbH
SR-60 moisture head

Sustainability implies energy efficiency and high product quality, which play an important role in industrial manufacturing processes in times of the climate change and exploding energy cost.

One process metric influencing energy consumption as well as product quality and wastage is the product moisture.

Especially during paper production, refinement and foil coating, every percent of over drying requires unnecessary energy and causes avoidable spending of multiple thousand Euros monthly. Additionally, too low moisture impacts product quality negatively, resulting in cracks or convolution. Worst case this leads to tearing and multiday production stops.

Continuous inline moisture monitoring of the product during manufacturing offers a significant potential to lower wastage, improve product quality and allow substantial cost savings in energy consumption.

We extended our award winning WORKSens SR Series with the new SR-60 moisture head for the highest sensitivity in thinnest web type materials and their coating processes.

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