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TS Converting Equipment, Ltd./Elite Cameron – HM1000 UV Hot Melt Coater to replace solvent coating

01.01.2023 Elite Cameron's HM1000 hot melt coating machines equipped with GEW UV curing systems are offering coating companies a high performance, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based coating methods.

HM1000 UV Hot Melt Coater
© Photo: TS Converting Equipment
HM1000 UV Hot Melt Coater


The HM1000 coats UV acrylic adhesives that are cured with compact UV lamp systems rather than expansive drying ovens as used in solvent coating, which results in lowers energy costs.  Since solvent is not used, the need for expensive and complicated abatement systems to capture or incinerate the solvent carrier is also eliminated, drastically reducing the environmental impact. These two factors also contribute to the substantially smaller machine footprint and lower cost, making the HM1000 a viable option for companies, large and small, to expand into new markets or replace existing products with an environmentally friendly solution.

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