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Rotometal DBN – ECO Composite Sleeves – your eco-friendly print tooling

01.01.2023 Rotometal's ECO CRO Sleeves GF take our existing Composite print cylinder and replace the standard honeycomb volumetric layer material with 100% rPET and the base layer with a high performance green epoxy resin featuring 28% of its molecular structure deriving from plant origin.

ECO Composite Sleeves
© Photo: Rotometal
ECO Composite Sleeves


ECO CRO Sleeves GF are products that have leading print performance and accuracy, retain their strength and reliability and yet are significantly more sustainable.

ECO CRO Sleeves GF are made from a composite material that is durable and easy to handle, as well as being available immediately. They are made of a composite material, which means they are strong and durable. The materials used in their construction make them light enough to be easily handled while also making them extremely resilient.

They help you save on costs thanks to their strength and weight. They help to protect the environment by utilising materials that otherwise would find their way into landfill. They are easy to install and maintain, which means less time and money spent on repairs and have all the benefits and strengths of our standard CRO Sleeves GF.

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