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INOMETA GmbH – Heating roller 2.0

01.01.2023 The innovative INOMETA heating roller has been designed to meet the needs and requirements for laminating foils and other substrates. It ensures a reliably constant and homogeneous surface temperature distribution, as this is the prerequisite for uniform web tempering.

Heating roller 2.0
© Photo: INOMETA
Heating roller 2.0


Due to its electrical mode of operation, the heating roller does not require any liquid media.

- Very good energy efficiency/overall efficiency and high cost-effectiveness (no heat loss in storage tanks, pipes or pumps).

- Local generation of process heat exactly where it is needed.

- No leakages that contaminate the environment or the substrate.

- Environmentally friendly recycling by dispensing with oil-based heating media.

- Ecological, as no waste oil pollution.

- Extremely low service effort, as there is no need to maintain rotating unions, pipelines, storage tanks and pumps (reduction of maintenance-sensitive components).

A contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation!

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