Sustainable Products and Converting Processes
Hammer-IMS – Marveloc CURTAIN: Your sustainable, early and real-time eye on applied wet coatings

01.01.2023 Hammer-IMS has developed a version of its Marveloc-CURTAIN quality-control system specifically for tracking the grammage of wet coatings, directly after the moment they have been applied by the coating knife or coating roller.

© Photo: Hammer-IMS


The quality-control system operates inline and stands for a quick feedback to the coating process in order to minimize energy consumption in any following (gas fired!) drying ovens. The system furthermore helps to reduce material costs and associated environmental impact thanks to its full view on the coated profile. This full view is an important source of information while adjusting the setting of the roller or knife to avoid excessive material usage.

The technology behind the quality-control system is based on Hammer-IMS's M-Ray technogy. This M-Ray is a radiowave having a particularly higher frequency than what is conventional for consumer-electronics. This high frequency enable a highly-focused measurement spot, such that local coating-excesses or shortages can clearly be identified. Furthermore, the M-Rays allow for a high stand-off-distance to the material, not creating the risk that the wet coating will contaminate the quality-control system.

M-Ray technology is a sustainable non-radioactive technology.

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