Sustainable Products and Converting Processes
Dürr Systems AG – Clean Technology Systems – Electrifying: Flameless exhaust air Purification for the converting industry

01.01.2023 During the processing and finishing of web-shaped materials, exhaust gases and vapours are produced which contain organic pollutants that are harmful to the climate. To protect people and the climate, these pollutants must be removed or neutralised.

Oxi.X RV
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Oxi.X RV


In thermal oxidation plants, heating is usually carried out using burner systems, which causes additional CO2 and NOx emissions through the combustion of fossil energy.

Dürr's Oxi.X RV cleans in an environmentally friendly and at the same time extremely economical way thanks to a particularly clever process: it is the only purely electrical system for the regenerative thermal oxidation process (RTO) that has been established on the market for many years. Thanks to technical further development and adaptation to the special, current challenges of the printing and coating industry, the Oxi.X RV enables sustainable production processes and makes a significant contribution to significantly reduced pollution in the industry and to CO2-free production. With the flameless RTO, very small volume flows from 1,000 m³/h can now also be cleaned thermally and regeneratively!

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