K 2022
Global plastics industry active for climate protection, circular economy and digitalisation

14.02.2022 At the start of the K year, it is once again evident that plastics and rubber experts are in agreement: K in Düsseldorf is the world's most important meeting place for the entire industry. Exhibitors from all over the world come to Düsseldorf to demonstrate the efficiency of the industry and to actively set the course for the future together with the visitors.

The ticket shop for K 2022 will be launched in April 2022.
© Photo: Messe Düsseldorf
The ticket shop for K 2022 will be launched in April 2022.

These clearly lead in the direction of climate protection, the circular economy and digitalisation – and these are also the three declared guiding themes of K 2022. The open exchange and dialogue on solution-oriented innovations and sustainable developments across national borders and continents will also be the focus of this year's K in Düsseldorf. Nowhere else is the plastics and rubber industry gathered in one place with such a high degree of internationality and thus has the ideal conditions for intensive global networking and jointly advancing projects.

Suppliers from all over the world

Suppliers from Europe, especially from Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey, The Netherlands, Switzerland and France, but also from the USA will be particularly well represented this year. At the same time, K clearly reflects the changes in the world market: the number and presentation area of companies from Asia have been at a consistently high level for several years. China, Taiwan, India, South Korea and Japan in particular will impress with strong appearances. The approximately 3000 exhibitors from 61 countries will occupy the entire Düsseldorf exhibition centre.

K 2022 is already presenting dedicated expert know-how with the K-Talk. Once a month, this digital live talk in English offers exciting discussion rounds with changing international participants on different focal points, always with a focus on the three main themes of K 2022. The first K-Talk, which already took place on 20 January under the motto "Climate protection and plastics – do they go together?", is still available on-demand, as are all subsequent K-Talks. The K-Talk in February is all about plastics in medicine, while the discussion in March is dedicated to mechanical engineering.