Efficient Production Solutions
Tecnocut – Desmasystem: The most versatile waste matrix removal system

01.01.2023 Our waste matrix removal system performs a sliding rewinding shaft for astonishing stripping speeds in the label and converting industry. It is adaptable to all types of machinery.

© Photo: Tecnocut


It has been designed to simplify the set-up, make automated presses, and prevent costly downtime during production. Allows to maintain high-speed machine even when working with complex die-cutting shapes. It is controlled by high-end servo motors that allow the control of the speed, engine torque, accelerations, and decelerations in a very precise way.

The Desmasystem enable to modify the web path to allow a different angle of detachment of the waste and prevent the paper’s breakage and shrinkage. It is the perfect solution to optimize the entire press process and increase productivity. And it is all this what makes it one of the most efficient solutions on the market.

Achieving the perfect die cutting has never been so easy!

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