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IMESA SRL – KK1 REVO – Laminator Machine with turret rewinder

01.01.2023 This line has the capablity to laminate and rewind, allowing to reduce the linear length of the jumbo-roll, and to laminate any PSA or Transfer Adhesive to plastic film or foam in a single step. The machine is complete with automatic turret double-shaft rewinder, slitting unit, automatic cut-off and extractors for scraps.

© Photo: IMESA


The machine controls are completely electronic with servo motors (brushless) which allow maximum accuracy and full communication for Industry 4.0 programs, KK1 has 1600 mm of working width and can handle Jumbo rolls weighing 1 ton and 1,2mts in diameter.

The KK1 REVO has a capability of over 1.100 sqm per hour when processing Jumbo-rolls into new 25 mts long logs, being a perfect deal to increase productivity, automation and reduce the operator effort at the same time.

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