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Work Microwave GmbH – Wastage minimization by continuous process monitoring

01.01.2023 Efficiency requires a minimization – of process steps, manufacturing cost, manufacturing time, energy consumption required material and production wastage.

Continuous process monitoring
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Continuous process monitoring

Especially batch based production models which verify product quality by spot samples after production a negative test result can render a whole lot as waste. Disastrous in regard of production time and financial losses.

To minimize product wastage an instant process error detection or continuous process control is essential.

To allow a continuous monitoring of process parameters, for example glue application during the manufacturing of thicker materials like corrugated cardboard plates, we developed a contactless sensor based on microwave technology. It features an easy single side mechanical integration and a large compatible product thickness.

Our WORKSens R & T Series offer an extensive solution for continuous accurate inline process monitoring, able to integrate in established lines as well as harmonizing with new digital Industry-4.0 concepts.
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