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Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG – A sustainable and efficient solution for elastic thread anchoring by ultrasound

01.01.2023 The Elastic Thread Anchoring (ETA) sonotrode from Herrmann offers an innovative solution for fixing elastic threads, making the process more effective, reliable and sustainable than ever before.

ETA Sonotrode
© Photo: Herrmann Ultraschall
ETA Sonotrode


The big advantage: the threads are anchored in the nonwoven fabric with the help of ultrasound alone, without any additional joining agents. Compared to the conventional gluing process, this significantly reduces the consumption of resources and energy and thus the overall manufacturing costs. The feel and sustainability balance of the products also improves enormously.

The particularly fine surface geometry and the gentle process also ensure that the risk of thread breakage has been minimised and that different material combinations can be implemented on a single sonotrode.

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