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Windmöller & Hölscher – W&H RUBY Check@Slitter – Fully automated workflow from printing press to slitter rewinder

01.01.2023 The RUBY Check@Slitter module is part of the Windmöller & Hölscher RUBY family for central storage and processing of digital press and print defect data from flexographic or gravure presses with the VISION DEFECT CHECK inspection system.

W&H RUBY Check@Slitter
© Photo: Windmöller & Hölscher
W&H RUBY Check@Slitter

It enables a fully digitalized workflow from the automatic detection of print defects at the press, the processing of defect areas to be removed on the PC by the quality manager, to the automatic stopping of the downstream processing machine, such as a laminator, winder or rewinder with splice table.

In order to find the specific defect areas quickly and effectively, a unique and machine-readable job meter code is applied to the web during the printing process using the Inkjet Marking System. At the same time, the defects detected with the 100% inspection system VISION DEFECT CHECK are digitally stored on the central RUBY server and made available to quality control via the RUBY CHECK Extension. There, the final decision is made as to which defect areas must be removed and which not. On the downstream processing machine, the job meter code is then automatically read out and the corresponding defect areas are positioned on the splice table automatically and accurately.

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