Digital Converting Solutions

01.01.2023 SMART-L is a compact finishing machine all servo driven with a small foot print, short web path, very ergonomic design and an Intelligent software. It records up to 250 works to minimize set up time when repeating a job.

© Photo: LEMORAU


It allows to record the job by name, specify type of material with the correspondent tensions. Imports and exports data, connects to our technical support, and many other features. The die cutting operates in 2 modes: semi-rotary or full rotary, allows the operator to choose which will be more profitable: semi-rotary for short runs (only has to invest in a die since it is equipped with a big magnetic cylinder) or full rotary for long runs. SMART-L also features double rewinding,  with settings totally independent of each other, where the operator can choose to work with both automatically but with different tensions, directions and inner diameters if necessary.

Also possible to work in semi-automatic to finish rolls in one shaft while the operator prepares the other one for the next rolls. Easy, Fast, Smart. A reliable machine for any label producer. As an upgrade, available the SMART-L Premium, with a smart concept flexo unit, can add cold foil, lamination, automatic positioning of the slitting knives and turret rewinding.

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