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Dr. Hönle AG – LEDs with high voltage power and IIoT

01.01.2023 Traditionally, LEDs for industrial curing applications are powered by low voltage power supplies which consequently results in heavy and large diameter cables and heavy LED housings.

Dr. Hönle AG
© Photo: Dr. Hönle AG
Dr. Hönle AG


In manfacturing processes, where LEDs are moved or have are a long distance from the cabinet, a high voltage solution has significant advantages. This technology makes it possible to use cables with smaller diameters which are much lighter and LED housings with reduced weight. Additionally, the communication takes place via IIoT (Industrial Internet of things) or Industrie 4.0, still the preferred system by many customers. But the new technology has not only advantages for the operator but also improves the curing behaviour. Thus, higher energy densities result in increased intensity outputs and, according to the production specifications, it is possible to control individual segments depending on the requirements of the print layout. In summary all improvements help the industry to bring their production to the next level.

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