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DIENES Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG – TEOC Service Packages

01.01.2023 TEOC ("The End of Coincidences") combines DIENES digitalization activities. Within this framework the recently launched TEOC Service Packages include a modular architecture with hardware and software features, which can be combined in accordance to individual customers’ needs.

TEOC Service Packages
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TEOC Service Packages


E.g. it is possible to visualize parameters, set alert values and give advises of the operation of the slitting system. This way the user is able to improve its overall equipment effectiveness, benefitting from DIENES´ long year experience on industrial slitting applications. TEOC Service Packages are exclusively available for modern DIENES automatic positioning slitting systems. The Service Packages are offered as subscription based business models to ensure high flexibility and efficiency for customers.

With the introduced TEOC Service Packages, we are able to provide the customers of modern DIENES fully automatic positioning slitting systems added values due to digital and data based features. For this purpose different options including hardware and software can be combined according to the customer's individual needs. For the first time these solutions are offered in the framework of subscription based business models exclusively.

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