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Countroll – Digital Roller Management Platform

01.01.2023 Countroll is a cloud platform that allows end-customers to have instant digital access to the industrial roller information provided by their roller recoverer (rubber quality, recovering/regrinding history, location, technical documentation, photos).

Countroll digital roller management platform
© Photo: Countroll
Countroll digital roller management platform


The end-customer can also add himself information to the platform (adding locations, machine positions, documents, ...).  The countroll roller management platform can also capture the data generated by our patented rotation sensor and enrich the roller information with data such as number of rotations, acceleration, slip, ambiant temperation and vibration levels. Finally the countroll platform can also capture the Nip information from our digital Nip sensor (left, center, right) and calculate automatically the crown correction in the center position. All information is accessible via our countroll app and our countroll web portal.

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