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Baldwin Technology – Baldwin’s automated FilmCylinderCleaner boosts productivity and ensures safety

01.01.2023 Our solution is unlike anything on the market today – if you are interested in improving safety and sustainability on your extrusion line, then the FilmCylinderCleaner will meet your needs.

© Photo: Baldwin Technology


Baldwin’s FilmCylinderCleaner system automatically cleans the cylinders used in the film extrusion process, by using a cloth-roll-based cleaning apparatus that spans the width of the extrusion web. This is paired with a precision spray system that also spans the width of the web, which precisely applies cleaning detergent to the cloth. In contrast to manual cleaning, systems prevent cylinder surfaces from being scratched, thus eliminating the possibility of cylinder damage. With the FilmCylinderCleaner, employee health and safety can be improved by switching from a manual to an automated cleaning process. By cleaning cylinder deposits before they become visible in the final product, the system prevents quality issues. It is no longer necessary to interrupt the production process to clean, since it can be completed while the process is running.

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