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01.01.2023 The automatic quality control systems in any converting production line are limited to measuring the characteristics of the material that must be wound and packaged according to the shipment to the customer.

Smart Reel Quality Optimization
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Smart Reel Quality Optimization


Any verification or control on the correspondence between the quality of the reels produced and the specifications requested by the end customer are mainly carried out manually without correcting any factors that have generated inconsistencies.

The Smart Reel Quality Optimization designed by A.Celli Group subverts the state-of-the-art by basing its principles on the concept of smart factory, with the aim of digitizing processes, simplifying management and reducing the variable determined by human intervention.

The system is based on an analysis of the characteristics of the reels downstream of the winding and rewinding process that allows you to correct the machine parameters by optimizing the quality result of the finished product.

The Smart Reel Quality Optimization consists of a hardware part and a software part. While the first measures the geometry of the reels and stores the data, thus generating a digital twin of each individual reel produced, the latter, thanks to the potential of a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm, automates the choice of the best set of winding and rewinding parameters. This allows to automatically correct the defects found in the profile of the reel, in order to work in a closed cycle always reaching the best achievable result.

All data collected during the reel formation process can be related to the line parameters.

Smart Reel Quality Optimization eliminates the risk of shipping reels to your customers that do not meet the quality requirements, generating at the same time a digital twin of the reel and defining the production procedures that are universally accepted as correct or most effective.

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