Web control XXL with the RHEINTACHO stroboscope RT STROBE 12000


Stationary LED stroboscopes (photo: RHEINTACHO)
Stationary LED stroboscopes (photo: RHEINTACHO)

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) is expanding its range of stationary stroboscopes by a further model with an overall length of 12 000mm. This stroboscope is the ideal instrument for optimally illuminating very large inspection areas. Powerful LEDs are used as light sources.

The light control is achieved by special lenses. RHEINTACHO can use the LED clusters already used in the other models (RT STROBE 3000, 5000, 7000) for this stroboscope.

The stroboscopes are operated via a control panel integrated on the back of the devices. Here the light intensity and flash frequency (with the optional control units) can be set. In addition, the control can be switched between external machine signal and external manual control by means of a selector switch. Both input signals can remain permanently connected. The user simply selects the signal preferred for the current observation task.

A cascade connection is also possible via a further socket, i.e. the connection of several RHEINTACHO stroboscopes with a common control system. Due to the extreme width and exceptional luminous intensity of this stroboscope, however, the manufacturer is convinced that such cascading is very rarely necessary.