Steinemann introduces new option for digital foil stamping


A dmax line from Steinemann Technology with dfoil module
A dmax line from Steinemann Technology with dfoil module

Steinemann Technology AG, a supplier of coating systems for finishing print products headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland, unveils its dfoil technology, a unique option for its dmax line of digital coating systems that supports digital foil stamping without the use of dies. The foil stamping process developed by Steinemann is based on innovative but practice-tested technology and is – like the dmax systems – designed for high production speeds of 5800 sheets per hour.

dmax machines equipped with dfoil are currently reported to be the only industrial production systems in the world that can deliver premium digital coating and digital foil stamping in a single pass at a high level of productivity. The dmax system with integrated dfoil module further boasts a sleek design based on Steinemann’s extremely durable machine construction, which guarantees the reliability that is essential for cost-efficiency in an industrial production environment. The first dfoil system will be installed on customer premises in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Delivery to further dmax customers will begin in the 3rd quarter of 2017. dfoil is available for all dmax machines. Steinemann is taking advantage of the Hunkeler Innovation Days 2017 in Lucerne to introduce customers to the dfoil system at its information stand in Hall 1, where it will be exhibiting samples that demonstrate the high quality embossing effects of this new option for the dmax product line.

“Over 40 years after the invention of UV coating in the printing industry, Steinemann now offers industrial-scale print finishing based on a combination of digital coating and digital foil stamping in a single, highly productive system. The dmax systems equipped with dfoil apply spot and relief coatings as well as foil in a single pass. Brochures, financial reports, flyers, greeting cards, packaging: Customers who expand their dmax systems to include dfoil can more efficiently than ever meet the rising demand in the market for premium, highly flexible print finishing,” says Ludwig Allgoewer, head of Finishing at Steinemann Technology.