Schreiner ProTech enhances anti-counterfeiting label solution with new colours and added benefits


The new ShiftSecure from Schreiner ProTech (photo: Schreiner)
The new ShiftSecure from Schreiner ProTech (photo: Schreiner)

Schreiner ProTech (Oberschleißheim, Germany), a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for engineering-based industries, has enhanced its ShiftSecure solution to include additional options and increased compatibility with conventional printing procedures. Aimed at heightening the solution’s attractiveness and maximising its economic favourability, the new iterations of ShiftSecure come in an array of colours and expanded manufacturing options that extend beyond the original’s anti-counterfeiting benefits.

Comprising a positive/negative effect allowing bright images to appear on a dark background (or vice versa), ShiftSecure amounts to an anti-counterfeiting solution readily visible to the naked eye for a tool-free initial assessment of authenticity. Printed images can be seamlessly integrated into existing label designs, and security pigments further heighten counterfeiting security measures.

Developed at the Schreiner ProSecure Cometence Center, the newly enhanced ShiftSecure labels are more compatible with conventional rotary printing methods, making them more suitable for large product volumes. The expanded portfolio also includes several more available colours for improved alignment with internal branding guidelines.

“ShiftSecure functions as a practical anti-counterfeiting tool for instant authentication efforts,” said Matthias Tuebel, sales director at Schreiner ProTech. “With no need for additional applications, ShiftSecure provides a singular solution that, with the recent improvements, is more conducive to conventional printing processes.”