SONOTRONIC presents new ultrasonic welding machine at Fakuma 2018


The NC iSONIC from Sonotronic (photo: Sonotronic)
The NC iSONIC from Sonotronic (photo: Sonotronic)

With the NC iSONIC, Sonotronic Nagel GmbH (Karlsbad, Germany) is launching its new ultrasonic series welding machine with servo drive and future-oriented automation concept. At the forefront of the development was the modular design of the machine, which, depending on application and component size, makes a very compact and elegant impression. Add-on units, such as the acoustic hook, sliding table or timed film feed unit can be quickly and easily incorporated into this machine concept. This means that the machine can be expanded cost effectively and at the same time elegantly and adapted to a very wide range of applications. Other modules are being developed to meet future requirements.

The versatility and flexibility of this concept was also consistently maintained when automating the machine: Based on Siemens control components, the NC iSONIC can be upgraded from a compact controller, including 12” panel, to an industrial PC with integral soft-programmable controller and control panel with 15” screen upwards. This means that applications such as remote maintenance, data capture and analysis are possible, up to future industry 4.0 applications, without incurring additional costs for extra hardware. Regarding the servo drive for the feed unit, parts can also be ultrasonically welded with high precision and be stored, analysed and documented, to include all important processing data.

Because of the spatial separation of the machine, ultrasonic generators of 20kHz to 35kHz of varying output, can be very easily connected to the standard machine, taking account of component size and welding force. The structural compactness is largely maintained, the machine becomes multifunctional and therefore future-proof.

The concept of the NC iSONIC allows it (excluding the machine foot) to be fitted to existing systems and used as an extension. The basic module of the NC iSONIC, the feed unit, will also be available separately without the machine frame. This means that Sonotronic is offering a suitable solution for every application. The product series will be presented to the trade public for the first time at Fakuma.