RHEINTACHO presents innovation in pocket format


The RT STROBE pocketLED laser from RHEINTACHO (photo: RHEINTACHO)
The RT STROBE pocketLED laser from RHEINTACHO (photo: RHEINTACHO)

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) has for the first time equipped a small portable pocket stroboscope with auto-sync laser function: The new RT STROBE pocketLED laser is reported to set new standards in functionality and operability.

RT STROBE pocketLED Laser combines an LED stroboscope and laser tachometer in one device. The LED stroboscope is used to visualise motion sequences. The laser tachometer enables non-contact speed measurement. The areas of application are therefore numerous: Wherever objects have to be made visible during rapid motion sequences, e.g. in turbine testing, in production and process monitoring in the printing and textile industry, in the inspection of running systems in production or in research and development, for example in material monitoring.

The special feature of the new pocket stroboscope: the auto-sync laser function. Using an intelligent transmitter/receiver system developed by RHEINTACHO via a laser beam, the stroboscope's flash frequency is automatically synchronised by means of a reflex mark. RT STROBE pocketLED Laser determines the synchronisation frequency within a very short time without manual adjustment or external sensor signals. In addition, the redundantly determined value guarantees absolute measuring reliability.

The portable multifunction device flashes in strobe mode at up to 999 999 flashes per minute and is one of the most powerful in its class. The quartz-precise control is claimed to deliver absolutely precise flashes. Six extremely bright and durable LEDs provide excellent illumination of a circular surface. RT STROBE pocketLED Laser therefore achieves high measurement accuracy.

"When designing the new RT STROBE pocketLED laser, we focused on intelligent multifunctionality while simultaneously reducing it to the essentials," explains Wolfgang Sexauer, head of sales & marketing at RHEINTACHO. "With the RT STROBE pocketLED laser we offer our customers a flexible device at an extremely attractive price."