RHEINTACHO enhances product portfolio of Auto-sync stroboscopes


RT STROBE pocketLED LASER and RT STROBE super qbLED – a stroboscope family with Auto-sync function (photo: RHEINTACHO)
RT STROBE pocketLED LASER and RT STROBE super qbLED – a stroboscope family with Auto-sync function (photo: RHEINTACHO)

The Auto-sync function of RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) uses a laser beam to determine the synchronisation frequency – without manual adjustment or external sensor signals. A reflex mark is simply applied to the object to be measured. Using an intelligent laser beam transmission/reception system developed by RHEINTACHO, the strobe frequency of the stroboscope is automatically synchronised by means of this reflex mark. With the help of the reflection of the laser beam, the speed of rotation is determined within a very short time.

At CeMAT 2018, the Freiburg-based measurement technology manufacturer presented a new model with the Auto-sync laser function: RT STROBE pocketLED LASER – the pocket-sized hand stroboscope. RT STROBE super qbLED and RT STROBE pocketLED LASER have a lot in common: The hand stroboscopes enable non-contact speed or frequency measurement of moving objects with highest precision. Both measuring instruments are intended to set new standards in terms of performance, functionality and operability. In addition, both encoders are equipped with the Auto-sync laser function.

The RHEINTACHO stroboscopes with the new Auto-sync laser function represent an enormous step forward for device inspection, maintenance and machine inspection, according to RHEINTACHO. Never before has the stroboscope application been so simple, safe and fast: There is no need to manually set the synchronisation frequency. The user simply points the device at the reflex mark of the object to be inspected and the movement of the target object is frozen. The user receives the desired still image for diagnosis.

For example, in paper production – when the inspection has to be carried out quickly to avoid production damage, machine downtime and high downtime costs – the benefits are immediate: without process interruption, the user can detect errors and defects during rotation, movement or vibration. The Auto-sync laser function enables system inspection over the entire speed range of the test cycle without cumbersome readjustment, thus ensuring 24/7 operation. In addition, the redundantly determined value ensures absolute measurement reliability.