Polytec unveils new DIC system for compact measurement fields


The StrainMaster Compact (photo: Polytec)
The StrainMaster Compact (photo: Polytec)

Polytec GmbH (Waldbronn, Germany), specialist for optical metrology, presents the new StrainMaster Compact strain and deformation measuring system from the German manufacturer LaVision. The measuring head of the digital 3D image correlation system consists of two permanently integrated USB3 cameras and a bright LED light source in a compact housing. The advantage of the system lies in its integrated design, the simple and quickly comprehensible operability as well as the beginner-friendly price.

The system allows fields of view of up to 180 x 280mm at a working distance of 250mm. Measurement rates of up to 150Hz are possible. Linear polarisation filters are included in the scope of delivery in order to avoid reflections on reflective measuring objects. Four device variants with different resolutions and fields of view allow an optimal design for the application in advance. A complete system consists of measuring head, controller with display, mouse and keyboard as well as the StrainMaster Compact software. 

The system is regarded as a perfect complement to the flexible StrainMaster Portable, whose components, which can be handled individually, allow more flexibility, but are also associated with higher calibration and operating costs. Typical applications include motion and deformation analysis, material characterisation, component testing and photogrammetric measurements in the form of tensile, compression and bending tests, impact and compression wave analysis, crack detection, fluid-structure interaction and fatigue analysis.